Ep. 217 | Chicks Dig the Car: Batmobile Music!


On the 217th edition of The Original Batman-On-Film Podcast, BOF’s Peter Verra and Justin Kowalski talk about big Batmobile scenes from the Bat-Films and the music that accompanied them.

Listen via the players below or wherever you get your podcasts.


BATMAN ’89 – “Decent Into Mystery”

BATMAN RETURNS –  “Rooftops / Wild Ride, Part 2”

BATMAN FOREVER – “Perpetuum Mobile”

BATMAN & ROBIN – “A Chilling Chase”

BATMAN BEGINS – “Molossus”

THE DARK KNIGHT – “You Complete Me”

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – “Imagine the Fire” (Batman vs. Cops)

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – “No Stone Unturned” (Bomb chase scene)

BATMAN v SUPERMAN – “Do You Bleed”

ZSJL – “Batman, a Duty to Fight/To See”

THE BATMAN – “Highway to the Anger Zone”