If you’re a regular reader of BOF, you know that I unabashedly like 1995’s BATMAN FOREVER quite a bit.  You would also know that for years, I’ve advocated the release of “The Schumacher Cut” — which I’ve always referred to as “The Red Diary Cut” — of the film.  And you also very likely know that I’ve posted several articles about this cut of FOREVER including here recently since Kevin Smith got hold of a copy of it and actually screened it for a full audience.

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In the last few weeks, an attendee of the aforementioned screening hosted by Kevin Smith has put together and posted a fantastic video review/breakdown of what he saw and what this cut was all about.  Granted, it’s not anything new (Hell, BOF posted an in-detail breakdown of it back in 2005!), but I found this short, fan-made documentary/review pretty cool and worth posting here on BOF. (And as you know, I don’t make a habit of posting stuff like this on my site.)

So, I recommend you check it out and you can do so by clicking HERE or watching the video below.  AND…

Not gonna start a ridiculous hashtag movement on social media (because I actually have a life), but I do think it would be worth Warner Bros. Discovery’s while to throw a few bucks towards properly finishing “The Schumacher Cut” — and I’m sure it wouldn’t cost ’em damn near $100 million.  And there are clearly a lot of fans that want and would pay to see it. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(Thanks to BOF’er “JK” for sending this my way! And if you post in the comments, tell ’em BOF sent ya!)

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