Ep. 136 | AQUAMAN 2 Drama, No BvS/JL Actors in DCU, DCU Bat-Mite & More!


Let’s Ride!

On the 136th edition of Batman-On-Film.com’s THE BOF SOCIAL HOUR podcast, BOF’s Founder/EIC Bill Ramey is joined by Senior BOF Contributor Peter Verra to discuss the following…

  • AQUAMAN 2 drama!
  • No BvS/JL actors jumping from DCEU to the new DCU…kinda!!
  • Bat-Mite in the new DCU?!!!
  • Universal wants to buy WB?!!!!
  • What WB should do with the DCU vs. what they are going (and already are) doing!!!!! AND…
  • Witty banter and much more!!!!!!

Listen via the player(s) below or wherever you get your podcasts.