The December ’23 BOF Mailbag #1


Gonna knock out 2 mailbags to finish out 2023. LET’S RIDE! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

When do you expect we start to hear about THE BATMAN: PART II casting?

JETT SAYS: Early 2024.

If Clayface is in THE BATMAN: PART II, do you think he will be a CGI mobster type or a more realistic man of a thousand faces type?

JETT SAYS: I’d bet a month’s paycheck (in MONOPOLY money, as always) that if — IF — the character of Clayface is in TB2 it will NOT be a CGI, shapeshifting blob.

Do you have any specific hopes for the Gunn-run DCU?

JETT SAYS: Though I have very little to no interest in WB’s latest attempt at a shared DC cinematic universe personally, I hope that it is successful — and I’m very bearish of that prospect.


In recent years, we’ve witnessed certain stories entertain the idea that Batman needs The Joker as much as The Joker needs Batman. Where do you stand on this topic? Is there any validity to it, or is it just a device used to make films like THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE or MERRY LITTLE BATMAN nicer for kids? Or both?

JETT SAYS: I think it’s nothing more than a relatively new plot device/idea that has manifested in Batman media.  While I think The Joker is indeed Batman’s archenemy and one of, if not THE, greatest literary villain in history, I do not subscribe to that theory. I mean, Batman and his mission came to be before The Joker and I’m sure he’d continue Batmanning if The Joker was no longer around.

JETT SAYS: In THE BATMAN, there really was no “Bruce Wayne” — he was just The Batman.  However, Bruce had an epiphany in the film when he almost lost Alfred and Batman had his own epiphany at the end when he realized that he needs to be more than just “vengeance” going forward.  So yes, I believe in THE BATMAN: PART II we will see more of Bruce Wayne as will the city of Gotham.

JETT SAYS: Well, I question the reasoning behind attempting to establish a shared cinematic DC universe when it was already attempted and failed spectacularly.  Frankly, the brand — other than Batman — is damaged and perhaps even dead.  Furthermore, this attempt is coming as even the mighty MCU — and perhaps the entire genre — is running out of steam.

I believe that they should simply focus on making the best individual DC films possible and not worry about creating an overtly shared/connected universe with an interwoven storyline.

Did SUPERMAN & LOIS deserve more seasons?


JETT SAYS: I think that your theory is correct.  What I find very interesting is that Matt Reeves is producing it even though it’s not part of his THE BATMAN SAGA and that he will also be involved with DCU projects — which I assume will be Batman-related.

Ever since James Gunn revealed that THE BATMAN and the JOKER 2 movies are part of the DC Elseworlds banner back in February 2023, could this leave the door open for a BATMAN BEYOND live action-movie where we could see a new actor coming in to play the older Bruce Wayne/Batman?

JETT SAYS: Theoretically, yes.  Realistically, no. The chance for that evaporated when THE FLASH bombed because it was going to happen with Michael Keaton.

JETT SAYS: I’m not sure that Clayface is going to be in THE BATMAN: PART II — that’s just rumor/scuttlebutt. As far as which villains or characters I’d like to see in it, my answer is the same as it always is: Whichever villains and characters fit the story.

JETT SAYS: I have not.

JETT SAYS: As in a sequel? I’d personally love to see more of from the world of MERRY LITTLE BATMAN. I guess it depends on how well it does over on Prime.

What is the bridge between THE PENGUIN and THE BATMAN: PART II? Would it be a villain, a consequence? 

JETT SAYS: Probably both. I’m sure there will be a power struggle for who will be in control of organized crime in Gotham and the results of that will figure into THE BATMAN: PART 2 in some way.