Via ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, Jeffery Wright gives a brief update on where he stands on THE BATMAN: PART II as well as speculates that Jim Gordon may be getting a promotion.  Check it out…

Clearly, I’m Lieutenant Gordon at the end of the film, the first film, so we may be moving up in the ranks, I suppose, but I haven’t seen anything yet.  I’m being patient, letting [director] Matt Reeves do his thing — which is going to be magical and wonderful — and looking forward to diving back into it when the time comes.

So the question is does Gordon go straight from lieutenant to police commissioner, or does he perhaps get bumped up to the rank of captain first?  And speaking of promotions…

Officer Martinez damn well better get bumped up to detective for the next film!

In other news/scuttlebutt, word is making the ’rounds that THE BATMAN: PART II will begin filming in August of this year.

Before the WGA/SAG strikes, filming was supposed to begin last year in November. Once they were settled, the word was that it would go in front of cameras in March or so. And then we heard mid-2024 and August fits…though it’s at the very end of the middle of the year. While I cannot confirm that specific month, if you’re a regular reader of BOF and listen to my podcast, THE BOF SOCIAL HOUR, this does jibe with what I’ve been hearing (I’ve been saying “spring-ish/summer-ish” when comes to filming. I had speculated perhaps that meant May, June or so, but August is indeed in the summer.) Stay tuned.

2024 is well upon us and so too will news about THE BATMAN: PART II very soon! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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