SYNOPSIS: “BATMAN ETERNAL” part three! Congratulations, Batwoman—you have an entire army at your command. So how are you going to use it?

James Tynion just keeps on doing what has made this run on Detective so enjoyable, the character interactions.   Blending twists and turns through out the run as we focus on specific members of the Bat-Family.  While the splash page ending has become a staple of the book due to how shocking it usually is.   Just as you expected you are in store for another wonderful Batman adventure.

From page one the book has your attention, Batman and a battered Red Robin in the cave with two suspects talking strategy. It doesn’t really get better than that now does it?  Though out the book Ulysses slowly shows you how intelligent and sadistic he is.  Watching his plan work from afar while eating popcorn with chopsticks.  I once compared Ulysses to Luthor but he is giving off vibes of Jigsaw from the Saw films sprinkled in with some Maxwell Lord, if you catch my drift.  Normally when Tynion gives us moments with Cassandra she steals the book but this time I will say Batman/Batwoman really grabbed me.  Hearing Bruce/Batman talk about his mother is always captivating.


Javier Fernandez and John Kalisz provide the artwork and colors respectively for the interior of the book and they did a fantastic job.  Artistically speaking this might be my favorite book of the run.  These two absolutely nailed it!  Through out the book we are covered by shadows in the dark.  The Batman panels in the book are exquisite.  I would even recommend buying the book digitally because there are so many screenshot backgrounds.   The opening five pages to the book, Batman and Robin in the Batcave/fighting thugs is pure excellence.  Batman standing in front of Kane Manor is a poster begging to be printed.  The entire book is just beautiful, dark, and dreary; everything you expect from Gotham City.

We have just three issues left in James Tynion’s Detective Comics run and things are spiraling.  Ulysses Armstrong is proving to be a real player in Gotham underground.   “Batmen Eternal” is starting to feel a bit like Fall of the Batmen.  Comparing the rise/journey of Ulysses to the First Victim, as they are the new comers to the Gotham Rouges gallery.   “Batmen Eternal” part three is just the fun evening in Gotham that all Batfans will enjoy. The artwork might be the best we have gotten in the run at any point, including the Eddy Barrows issues.  If you have not been reading this book, picking it up for the artwork alone is a solid purchase.

Now we have some before part four of “Batmen Eternal” comes out on 4/25 and I know I’m looking forward to it.  Until next time BOFers! – Peter Verra