Here we are once again, BOFers.  There are no Miller Lites, no Boudin, just Detective Comics.  The ups and downs have been well documented, with this run heading toward the negative.  Once again, Ram V continues his dead desert Batman story, while Alex Paknadel comes off the bench with instant offense.  Let’s break it down.

If you have been reading these reviews, then you know that the Two-Face elements of V’s story have been some of the more entertaining parts.  Here, we get decent moments between Batman and Two-Face, but it’s nothing as impactful as early on.  It’s interesting.   V has an ace up his sleeve and appears to be The Joker.  This Joker portion of the story was short and brutal.  V sets up some impressive pieces as we advance.  I look forward to seeing how this move plays out.  DC is going hard with the Bat-Family these days.  Tec is not much different; come issues end, a bloody Batman needs his family.  Let’s see how V can juggle this before his run is up.

Oh, yeah, Six-Eyed Sally is still a thing.  I’m not sure what she is up to, either, but V loves villains with multiple eyes, so naturally, Ten-Eyed Man appears and has some extraordinary moments with Batman.  I am very happy to see that character get his due lately.  Check out Arkham City: The Order of the World for more on Ten-Eyed Man.

I do enjoy Stefano Raffaele’s artwork in this issue.  Two-Face is extra creepy; the backdrops are very detailed, and each character has a distinct look.  I can not get over this horrible Bat-Suit; I have no clue what is up with Batman’s face or the bloody bat on the chest.  It ruins every panel; what a dud of design.  When Raffaele draws Batman’s flowing cape from a profile view, it’s impressive, gothic, and perfect for Gotham.  What Raffaele brings to the table is just suitable for Batman.  It all comes down to what I have been saying for months, “JUST LET BATMAN BE BATMAN.”

Now, Alex Paknadel and the team save the book.  Bloody Batman and his family were much better than they had been, but here, this is vintage.  Paknadel delivers this twisted look into Two-Face that fans will eat up.  A courtroom atmosphere, Dent vs Two-Face.  A split decision, drawn out for readers.  This does not feel like a backup, and it does not feel short.  This feels just right; this feels like a writer who deserves a shot at the title.  Fans want more of this type of story; I love this tale!

Detective Comics #1086 is the best the book has been in a long time.  That might not be saying much, but Paknadel crushed the backup tale off the bench double-double.  I hope Paknadel’s Two-Face tale gets inserted in a Two-Face collected edition.  More people should read this story.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it.  I can’t recommend you buy a $3.99 book based on the backup tale alone.  No matter how good that backup may be.  Let’s hope momentum is on our side from now on.


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Peter Verra
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