Welcome back to the most frustrating time of the month; that’s right, a new Detective Comics is out!  Ram V continues this slog of a story that disappoints with every page turn.  Although there is hope for this book, that hope is Alex Paknadel and their Mr. Freeze tale, which should be considered a modern classic.  Is that small glimmer of hope enough to save ‘Tec?  Is it sufficient for you to purchase this title?

Let’s dive in!

Let’s just cut to the chase.  V once again delivers another disappointing and brainless issue of Detective.  Six-Eyed Sally and her gang of dweebs are plotting something as Batman makes his dramatic return from the pretentious “hanging.”  Now sporting the armor of an actual knight with a blood-dripping bat on his chest.  (Can Batman be Batman again?)  In past reviews, I mentioned how V could deliver a Batman tale if he used actual Batman villains and moved away from Six-Eye Sally; this book proved me wrong.  V throws the Joker and Freeze in this book, and they are squandered.  I praised V’s writing of Freeze earlier on, but after reading the backup tale from Paknadel, it’s time V packed his bags and left Gotham proper, heading back to Alley Town.  The Joker is all of us in this book; after being alerted that Batman is “back,” he tells a joke and doesn’t care.  Even the Joker doesn’t care about V’s Batman, much like any reader who kept up with this book.  This story is just a waste of time and money; skip and head straight for the backup.  That is an actual good read.

Now, let’s talk about an actual good story set in Gotham.  Alex Paknadel delivers a jaw-dropping Freeze tale.  Unlike the primary, where Freeze is a useless pawn used for an action scene, which is a dull story, Paknadel takes the reader on a journey.  A young Freeze is finding a confidant early on in his criminal career.  Only to meet up with said ally in an insane twist of events.   As readers, we have seen a softer side of Freeze, usually aimed at his beloved Nora.  Here, we get to see that side of Freeze and how whacked out he has become over the years.  The last panel is so unexpected and heartbreaking; it makes you wonder if any humanity is left in the walking popsicle.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am already looking forward to the end of summer when V’s run will likely end.  I can’t even tell you what this tale is about, and I am done deciphering what V is attempting to do.  V has called this an “operatic” tale.  I call it horseshit Batman.  The only saving grace of this title is that Dan Watters did not write this backup.  The combo of V and Watters will be remembered for their lackluster monthly efforts that sank this title to the ocean floor like it was the Titanic.  A tremendous back-up tale will not justify spending your hard-earned money.  As impressive as the back-up is.  I can’t recommend you buy this book.

Speak with your wallet, do not buy this crap. – Peter Verra


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