Here’s the new/first trailer for the new animated series, BATMAN: CAPED CRUSADER, via IGN…and it’s fantastic!


IGN has a great article about the series which I highly recommend you read, and here are a couple of excerpts from the article and a quote from Bruce Timm that I really liked hearing…

BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is notable for birthing the larger DC Animated Universe, one which eventually grew to encompass the Justice League and dozens of DC heroes both iconic and obscure. Fans shouldn’t necessarily expect the same to hold true for CAPED CRUSADER. The focus is strictly on Gotham and Batman himself. Even sidekicks like Robin and Batgirl are a low priority for now, to say nothing of potential cameo opportunities like Superman or the Justice Society.
“Again, not wanting to repeat ourselves, we did that last time,” Timm says. “We ended up with Batman and the Superman show and then Justice League, etc, etc. And that’s what everybody does now. Every film, every superhero franchise, leads into their own universe, and we’ve done that. So I don’t really have any interest in doing that at all again this time. So I’ll just say that the current plans are for there to not be any other costume superheroes in this world. At all.”

Hell YES!  Just Batman in his Batman world without any non-Batman DC characters…now we’re talking!

The series premieres on Prime on August 1st.  Stay tuned to BOF for our full BATMAN: CAPED CRUSADER coverage, including episode reviews and podcasts. – Bill “Jett” Ramey