Here we are once again, which can mean only one thing: There is a new issue of Detective Comics out!

The Ram V run on this title has been very ambitious, introducing new characters and putting some of our favorites in new situations, turning Gotham on its head. We have a new backup writer, Alex Pakndel, for the first time in the V run. We have lots to unpack, BOFers. Let’s get into it!

WHOA! DC #1084 is the type of Batman that I expect from V in every issue. This Batman is confident and a brute force on a mission. V excels in the motivations of Batman, Gordon, and Catwoman. These are the versions of the characters we have loved for 80 years. Like I said on the last BOF Social Hour, “Let Batman be Batman.”  Do not reinvent the wheel here; again, 80+ years of history speak volumes.

Sure, there are some strange moments: Batman fights a fake scaleless Croc thing, and Six-Eyed Sally is still in play, but there seems to be more sprinkled in that V is teasing Lady Shiva, Black Mask, and Joker. These are the characters that get me excited as Batman. V even nails Batman’s sense of humor in a way that makes me want to scream out, “Suck it, Kowalski! RISES!” This is what I knew V was capable of the whole time. I hope it will be consistent.

Javier Fernandez is our artist on this issue. Fernandez does a fantastic job in this issue, with flowing capes, fight sequences, and close-ups of scared crooks. He nails every panel on every page. Batman is investigating the crime scene from a classic buddy cop film. Fernandez fits like a glove when it comes to Batman. Hell, Fernandez gave us a smiling Batman that Kilmer and Affleck would appreciate. And yes, the tribute to Rises (Suck it Kowalski) is the chef’s kiss.

This issue has it all. V is back on track in the primary, and we have a new backup writer! Alex Pakndel delivers a Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) that is action-packed. Batgirl and Lady Shiva are pouncing around Gotham. The story leans a little into sci-fi, but nothing that turned me off. This is the best pack-up in Detective since Rosenberg way back when. I hope it continues for the foreseeable future.

Detective Comics #1084 is a good comic. Some storylines got tied up, some are loose ends, and new ones are forming with every page turn. This is just the stuff I expect from V; I do want him to take chances. I was not too fond of the previous ones. Let’s see what he has up his sleeve going forward. This could be the turning point. It’s a solid primary story putting Batman back in Gotham paired with an intriguing sidekick backup. This is a book you should have on your pull list this month. Even I liked it! – Peter Verra


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Peter Verra
Senior BOF contributor covering the Bat-beat since January 2017. Co-host of the "Straight Outta Gotham Podcast." Peter has covered the red carpet premiers of BATMAN: NINJA and REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN. Peter has interviewed various titans the industry such as producer Michael Uslan, producer James Tucker, stuntman Richard Cetrone, Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Loren Lester, Tony Todd, Will Friedle, Marie Avgeropoulos and Cress Williams just to name a few! Contact Peter on all social media platforms @PeteIllustrated!