Wednesday, July 24, 2024

JOKER 2 Musical Details Revealed


Per VARIETY, JOKER: FOLIE à DEUX essentially be “mostly a jukebox musical” with at least 15 “very well-known” songs.  “That’s Entertainment” from the 1953 musical THE BAND WAGON is said to be one of them.  The trade also reports that a few original songs may be included as well.

When a sequel to JOKER was first announced, I was adamantly against it.  I thought the fact that the events in the film were so ambiguous — What was Arthur Fleck’s imagination/delusions?  A few things or all of it? — was one of the main things that made it great.  But when I heard it was going to be a musical and Lady Gaga had joined the cast as Harley Quinn, I was all in instantly.

Frankly, JOKER: FOLIE à DEUX and THE BATMAN SAGA are the kind of projects that the genre needs right now. Innovative and unique films by talented filmmakers; not cookie-cutter, generic, and now very tired AF shared universe superhero movies.  But alas, WBD wants their MCU so bad, that they’re giving it a second go after their first attempt — the “DCEU” — was a spectacular failure.  And hell, even Diseny’s mighty MCU is starting to struggle. *sigh*

Oh well, at least this Batman fan has JOKER: FOLIE à DEUX and THE BATMAN SAGA to look forward to. The new DCU? Meh. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(Thanks to BOF’s Ryan Lower and BOF’er “Verne L.” for the heads up!)