Last week, we got the first teaser trailer for MAX’s THE PENGUIN (CLICK HERE to watch), the next chapter of Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN SAGA.  Now, the series’ star, Collin Farrell, had the following to say about THE PENGUIN (via an interview with MOVIEZINE)…

It’s dark, that’s what I can tell you about it. It’s really dark. It’s really heavy, I think – it certainly was doing it. Which is not to say I didn’t have fun, I had an amazing time doing it. It’s incredibly violent.

It’s one man’s rise to what he’s always dreamed of inhabiting which is a certain power or social status. The death of Carmine Falcone at the end of [THE BATMAN], leaves this vacuum in Gotham to be filled and so there are various people that are grabbing for that power and this is Oswald’s journey trying to rise to the top through extraordinary obstacles.

THE PENGUIN being “incredibly violent” shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  I mean, the series is about a mob war in a large city, so yeah, it’s going to be violent, dark, and heavy.

Also, here’s hoping we get a flashback featuring Rex Calabrese because he cared about the people in his neighborhood. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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