BATMAN #148 Review


It’s an epic conclusion to Batman vs. Zur/Failsafe/Robot Batman in this week’s BATMAN #148.

Or is it?

Writer Chip Zdarsky works to a big confrontation in this issue, as Batman faces the machine he created in front of a man who trained him, while his family serves as backup at the prison he’s locked up his enemies in.

Caught up, yet?

I jest, but I’m also serious. Frustratingly convoluted is the best way to describe this title, as Zdarsky has doubled down on a big story that I think failed on a few fronts. I appreciate the ambition and putting your stamp on a story. You’ll never know unless you try, and I’ll always applaud for that. However, here, this Failsafe/Zur arc has shown the writing on the wall for a while, and instead of revising along the way, the writer kept his foot on the gas and moved forward. With that, came a mess of a story, trying to connect to previous arcs that came up short in many ways and created quite a few eye-rolls. Not to mention, the forcing of the plots, along with a weak villain “behind the curtains” that somehow could manipulate Bruce Wayne and The Joker.


To me, this whole story will wind up as one of my least favorite runs in the BATMAN title.

Jorge Jimenez has continued to impress with the art duties, and for that I am thankful. Action is where he shines brightest, bringing some great-looking panels to this issue. There’s a particular one of Batman right after he enters the gates which is destined to be wallpaper. The only negative I have is in this Zur Robin suit, and the new one for Tim Drake. Barf.

Thankfully, this arc is over (or is it?) and we can move on. I don’t think that gives me much optimism, however, because there are some elements with Zdarsky that I think are here to stay. – Ryan Lower