BATMAN #149 Review


Last issue (just two weeks ago), Batman and “Zur” took on each other inside of Blackgate Prison, closing the book on Chip Zdarsky’s big Failsafe story.

Unless it didn’t.

BATMAN #150 serves as sort of an epilogue to the story and plays out like Zdarsky putting all of his toys back how he originally found them….or at least close to it. It seems the “Zur Robin” was (somehow) a young Bruce, and is aging rapidly. Through conversations, the real Bruce begins to get pieces of his life that we’re all accustomed to…with some alterations. I don’t want to spoil anything, but he 1) becomes less robotic, 2) relocates, and 3) has a thicker wallet.

Zdarsky crafts a story that settles Bruce into a little more familiar territory while pushing into something new. I’ll applaud that, but yet the story still couldn’t keep my eyes from rolling. Aside from this “Zur” madness, I just found myself not caring about this issue. It serves as a bridge from where we were to where we’re going, but I’m not that interested in either. Add to the fact this beating over the head of Bruce constantly saying “my son”, “my family”, and “LOVE”, and it starts weighing the story down with thick, moldy cheese.

As for the art…..meh with moments of cool. Michele Bandini and Steve Lieber split the artist duties, and do a good job with what they’re given. The opening is by far the most visually pleasing, but the rest of the story didn’t call for much. It’s a lot of overdramatic Bruce and Zur Bruce talking and wrapping up plot threads. The artists made a valiant effort for what they were given, but doesn’t seem like they got to really go crazy.

Overall, if you’re interested in seeing how Zdarsky’s run has wrapped up, take a look. What’s coming next are tie-ins for the ABSOLUTE POWER summer event, and then we’ll see.

I just hope whatever is next for the legacy BATMAN title is just a classic, old-school Batman story, because it’s been a long time since we’ve had one of those. – Ryan Lower

GRADE: C (?)

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Ryan Lower
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