RUMOR: Reeves’ THE BATMAN Rewrite Due Before End of the Year


Via THE WRAP‘s Umberto Gonzalez (by way of REVENGE OF THE FANS) has tweeted that Matt Reeves’ first script polish for THE BATMAN will be turned in to Warner Bros. by the end of the year.

BATMAN UPDATE: Matt Reeves script rewrite is due before the end of the year.

This totally makes sense and I have no reason to not believe that this is an accurate statement.  I know that the rewrite was taking place and can neither confirm or deny that Reeves had a couple of other writers working on the polish with him.

I recently speculated that THE BATMAN will have to start filming by early summer of next year (2019) for Reeves’ Bat-flick to bow in 2020.  You can read it in my latest column, but I think 2021 (or later, perhaps) is more likely. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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