Reeves’ THE BATMAN Appears to be Heading Towards Preproduction


This isn’t anything “major” in regards to Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN, but with how close to the vest Reeves keeps things (which is good), every little bit of info is worth a mention.

Plus, it helps cement that this thing is really going to happen.

According to two separate and unrelated BOF sources, I was told that the size of the crew for THE BATMAN is increasing (i.e. they are hiring and bringing more folks on board to work on it), and is moving forward towards active preproduction.


Back in late June, BOF was the first to report that crew members had be hired and it seemed that THE BATMAN was moving out of the scripting stage.  This was essentially confirmed by Matt Reeves himself when he briefly discussed THE BATMAN recently (during an appearance at a recent Television Critics Association panel) when he said “conceptual stuff” was taking place and he was hoping to start filming in the Spring/Summer of 2019.

As we head down the stretch during these last few months of 2018, here’s hoping we’ll start to hear more about THE BATMAN, officially, that is. – Bill “Jett” Ramey