When James Gunn and Peter Safran were put in charge of DC Studios at Warner Bros. and charged with creating a new shared DC universe across different media platforms — the “DCU” — they already had a very successful version of Batman at their disposal: Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN SAGA.

So why didn’t they all join forces and merge that Batman — played by Robert Pattinson — and that Bat-world into the new DCU?

The answer is a very simple one: Matt Reeves doesn’t want it to be.

And DC Studio’s James Gunn and Peter Safran respect that.

Don’t believe me? Here it is straight from James Gunn himself via Threads

Don’t dismiss how significant Gunn’s explanation is. It speaks to not only the respect that Gunn, Safran, and WBD have for Matt Reeves, but also to how much say and sway Reeves has when it comes to Batman at WBD and DC Studios.

Matt Reeves has a very specific plan for THE BATMAN SAGA — one that doesn’t have his Batman (Robert Pattinson) mixing it up with superpowered beings, aliens, monsters, and such — and I suspect that Gunn and co. won’t step on his toes, if you will.

Hell, I’d venture to guess that until he’s finished with Batman on film, Batman on film runs through Matt Reeves…

As it should. – Bill “Jett” Ramey