We’ve known for a while that Matt Reeves was producing a prestige TV series for MAX (presumably) set in Arkham Asylum.  We assumed that it was going to be part of Reeves Batverse/THE BATMAN SAGA.  Now, James Gunn has clarified (via Threads) that in fact, the Arkham series will actually be part of the interconnected DCU, not the Batverse.

Interesting…on many levels.

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For one thing, when Gunn says “…so [Matt Reeves] will be producing stories both within his THE BATMAN UNIVERSE and within the DCU,” it leads one to believe that there are more “stories” that Reeves will tell as a producer/writer/director that’ll be part of THE BATMAN SAGA in addition to THE BATMAN, THE PENGUIN, and THE BATMAN: PART II.

Secondly, it appears that Reeves will be involved with Batman at Warner Bros./DC Studios even after he eventually wraps up THE BATMAN SAGA.

Furthermore, I recently speculated that Batman on film at WB/DC Studios runs through Matt Reeves.  Gunn’s comments certainly offer a bit more evidence that that’s the case and at minimum, he’s a Bat-partner…and I like that. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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