THE BATMAN – Filming to Start Spring 2019?


Per the latest edition of PRODUCTION WEEKLY, director Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN is scheduled for a Spring 2019 start to filming.  This isn’t a big surprise as back in late June, BOF was the first to report that THE BATMAN seemed to be moving out of the scripting stage as the hiring of crew members was taking place.

Reeves is also listed as the writer and one of the film’s producers (via his 6th & Idaho production company).  DC’s Geoff Johns  — who was originally writing the now-tossed script with Affleck — is also listed as a producer.

And get this Ben Affleck is listed as one of the film’s producers too.  There was no information regarding the cast, so the “is he in or out” question about Affleck reprising the role of Batman has yet to be answered — officially, that is.

In a previous report, Reeves said that he hoped to start filming in the “spring or early summer” of 2019, so this PW report confirms that.  At the same event, Reeves said Affleck was “still involved,” but not say in what capacity.

Last week, I speculated here on BOF that Affleck being “still involved” could mean that he’d be getting a producer’s credit on the film

Affleck may well get a straight-up “producer” title on THE BATMAN rather than “executive producer” as it may be a contractual obligation on this production, even though he may not act in the film at all.  Remember, Affleck was once set to write, direct, produce and star in this project, so it’s very possible, if not likely, that the studio is required to give him that credit. (For example, Zack Snyder has a producing credit on AQUAMAN, but had absolutely nothing to do with that film.)

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Even though I’m on the record and 100% of the belief that Ben Affleck will not — and should not — play Batman in this movie, it wouldn’t shock me in the least if he ended up back in the cape and cowl in THE BATMAN.  And if it’s Reeves’ decision to bring him back, then I’ll have no choice to give it a chance, and will.  (But I really think the Batfleck era should be done.)

Regardless, I’m happy as heck to know that unless there’s some unforeseen snafu, a solo Batman movie is going to start filming for the first time since THE DARK KNIGHT RISES went in front of the camera in 2011.  Covering the production/filming/build-up to release of a Batman movie is almost as fun as watching the movie when it’s released.  Can’t wait! – Bill “Jett’ Ramey

(Thanks to BOF’s Ryan Hoss for the heads up!)