Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1984”


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FEBRUARY: Jason Todd officially becomes Batman’s sidekick/partner (with the blessing of Dick Grayson) – Robin, The Boy Wonder – in BATMAN #368.

JULY: Dick Grayson becomes “Nightwing” in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #44.

AUGUST: A criminal who was an equal and opposite of Batman – “The Wrath” – made his debut in BATMAN SPECIAL #1. As a child, The Wrath’s criminal parents had been shot to death by a young street cop named James Gordon. He swore vengeance on Gordon as well as a life of crime.

The most memorable thing about 1984 for me was that I graduated high school and started college in May and September respectively. As far as Batman was concerned, I didn’t pay much attention to The Caped Crusader in ’84. However, I’ve read all of the stories above and The Wrath actually became a favorite of mine. Loved the episode of THE BATMAN animated series that featured the character. – Bill “Jett” Ramey