MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT Review by Bryan Chatlien


Hey Ya’ll!

Saw the press screening for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT last night. Loved it, much fun…and a lot of HOLY CRAP!

The car chases…you can tell that BABY DRIVER upped the ante just a bit, and Tom Cruise took that challenge and ran with it. And ran..and ran…like Tom Cruise does.

Projects like DAREDEVIL upped the ante for brutal fights, and that challenge was accepted. Cruise also has topped every aerial stunt he’s ever done…or seen for that matter.

This one feels like a mic drop. From here the storylines are wide open or closed shut, the stunts have all been mastered, and the people are starting to age out. He may pass the torch to a new generation…but they have their damn work cut out for them.

Check out my video review below! – Bryan Chatlien