Bat-Timeline – Batman in 2003


FEBRUARY: Writers Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka teamed-up with artist Michael Lark on GOTHAM CENTRAL – a new Batman Family monthly that featured hard-hitting and realistic police drama.


FEBRUARY: Barbara Gordon’s origin as Batgirl is told in the 9-part miniseries, BATGIRL: YEAR ONE.


JUNE: Batman is portrayed as “Batmankoff” – a Russian anti-Soviet operative in SUPERMAN: RED SON.


JULY: Robin is featured on Cartoon Network’s TEEN TITANS animated series. It was never explicitly stated, but it was hinted that the Robin in this series was Dick Grayson.


AUGUST: Matt Wagner’s graphic novel, TRINITY, tells the story of the first meeting between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. When Ra’s Al Ghul teams up with Bizzaro – the clone of Superman – it’s up to the “Trinity” to take them down.


OCTOBER: The team of Batman and Superman return via an updated take on WORLD’S FINEST COMICS in SUPERMAN/BATMAN #1.


NOVEMBER: The great Michael Uslan told his own “Elseworlds” story that featured Bruce Wayne, not The Batman (who doesn’t exist), as the world’s greatest detective in BATMAN: DETECTIVE NO. 27.


Sorry, I know I’ve been a broken record lately, but I still wasn’t reading comics regularly in 2003. That’s not going to happen ’til 2005, so we’re getting there! BUT…

I did pick up RED SON and DETECTIVE NO. 27 and read them — though it might not have been in 2003. RED SON is one of my favorite “Elseworld” tales of all time (Though I’m not a big fan of Mark Millar — remind me to tell you all my story about him at the KICK ASS premiere after party!) and I enjoyed DETECTIVE NO. 27 tremendously. I’ve got to get my friend Mr. Uslan to sign it for me someday.

What did you think of Batman in 2003? What are your memories? Post your thoughts in the comments section below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey