Bat-Timeline – Batman in 2007


FEBRUARY: BATMAN CONFIDENTAL #1 debuts – replacing the much superior BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT. In the inaugural story arc by writer Andy Diggle and artist Whilce Portacio, Lucius Fox’s role in the Batman mythos was changed to match how he was portrayed in the live-action film BATMAN BEGINS.


APRIL: Writer Grant Morrison pens a special self-contained story entirely in prose. The Joker does many crazy things in this story, such as cutting both sides of his mouth to make his smile permanent. John Van Fleet provides fantastic digital artwork.

MARCH: Peyton Riley becomes the new Ventriloquist in DETECTIVE COMICS #827.


JULY: In the standalone BATMAN #666, writer Grant Morrison depicted a possible future where Damien Wayne is Batman and Barbara Gordon is the city’s police commissioner. Oh yeah, the Damien Batman is an asshole.


AUGUST: Writer Grant Morrison reintroduces “The Batmen of All Nations” – from DETECTIVE COMICS #215 (1955) – in BATMAN #667. The Black Glove organization and its leader, Dr. Hurt, were also revealed in this issue.


Batman in 2007 is a GREAT year for me.

Comic book-wise, Mr. Morrison’s stuff was quite awesome. I’ll get to it later in this timeline series, but he didn’t lose me until the end of BATMAN, R.I.P. – the aftermath with “The Return of Bruce Wayne” was ridiculous. ANYWAY…

I was a very happy Batman fan in 2007 mainly due to the fact that THE DARK KNIGHT was filming. When I started BOF, I didn’t know if we’d ever get another Batman film again after BATMAN & ROBIN. But by 2007, we were getting post-B&R Bat-film #2! ANYWAY…

The highlight of my Batman year was flying to Chicago in June and visiting the set of THE DARK KNIGHT.

We were set up in Chicago’s “Old Post Office” which was basically the center of operations for the filming of TDK at that time. While there, I got to tour the sets they had built – including the crime scene involving The Joker’s bank heist, as well as the bank’s “vault” (which was actually an old post office box area). FYI: it blew my mind that the “vault door” was made of wood! The magic of Hollywood I guess!

The scene you see below – which lasted, what, about a minute during the film – took about 3 hours to film! Check it out…


What did you think of Batman in 2007? What are your memories? Post your thoughts in the comments section below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey