JUSTICE LEAGUE Stuntman Sets The Record Straight

There is no completed "Zack Snyder Cut" of JUSTICE LEAGUE


Earlier this week, the internet caught fire after a screen shot of a conversation that stuntman Richard Cetrone (BATMAN V SUPERMAN, SUICIDE SQUAD, JUSTICE LEAGUE) had with an unknown person went viral.  The screen shot was regarding the question on everyone’s mind: “Is there a completed Zack Snyder cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE?”

I decided to reach out to the man himself with the hopes that Mr. Cetrone would be interested enough to share his thoughts on the BOF Podcast.

Altered Screenshot


I spoke with Mr. Cetrone Friday evening 1/12/2018 as seen in the screen shot below to get all the details and hear what he had to say.  Mr. Cetrone explained to me that his words were not only taken out of context, but they were changed for what he believes was for the sake of exciting the social media masses.  While this conversation did happen, some alterations were made to the screen shot (as posted above).  Specifically, “…I know for a fact a Zack Snyder cut exists.” On top of that only two news outlets even reached out to him to clarify.

Unfortunately, this just goes to show you that not everything we see on the internet is real. Some people just want to cause chaos (admit it you thought I was going to say, “watch the world burn”). Not only did this add fuel to already burning fire but it also called into question the integrity and reputation of a hard-working stuntman who’s got bills to pay.

Rest assured BOF’ers, we got your back, as well as, Mr. Cetrone’s. You know exactly who you got this from and I am not afraid to attach my name to it. That’s the BOF way, Authoritative, Definitive, the DADGUM ORIGINAL! – Peter Verra