THE BATMAN: Batman & Bruce Wayne to be CGI/MoCap

Both Andy Serkis and Kevin Conroy Cast as Batman!


Well, this is, um, unexpected.

Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that director Matt Reeves will use motion capture and CGI to bring Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman, to life in director Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN.

Like Gollum…

And The Hulk…

And — speaking of Matt Reeves — Caesar (and all the other simians) from the PLANET OF THE APES movies.


“Matt Reeves did such a fabulous using motion capture on his PLANET OF THE APES films, that we decided [motion/performance capture and CGI] was the best way to bring the definitive Batman to life,” said Warner Bros. Pictures Group Chairman Toby Emmerich.

Andy Serkis as Caesar in WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES (Photo: 20th Century Fox/Kobal/REX/Shuttstock)

“We talked to a lot of actors,” said THE BATMAN director Matt Reeves,” but finally decided to go this route.”

“We looked at Bruce Wayne and Batman through the decades in the comics,” Reeves continued,” and have come up with what we believe will be the ultimate live-action aesthetic interpretation of both.”

“Caesar and the other apes looked as real as the live actors [in the PLANET OF THE APES film] and no one could not tell that they were CGI,” said Reeves.  “The same will go for our Batman and Bruce Wayne [in THE BATMAN].”

“With today’s technology,” added Emmerich, “this is a no-brainer.  The audience will literally be getting a ‘comic book-accurate’ Batman — and Bruce Wayne — on the big screen.”

Andy Serkis (PLANET OF THE APES films, BLACK PANTHER, THE LORD OF THE RINGS) has been cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne. “Andy is the best performance capture actor there is, so I’m excited to be working with him again,” said Reeves.

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the ARKHAM video game trilogy) will provide the voice of The Dark Knight.

“When I read the comics and Batman speaks, I hear Kevin Conroy,” said Reeves.  “Kevin is the definitive voice of Batman and I wanted to have that in my film.  I think the fans are going to love it.”

Both Emmerich and Reeves said that the remainder of the cast will be acting the old-fashioned way and will not use performance capture.  Casting for THE BATMAN is underway and more announcements are forthcoming.

You can read the full press release HERE.

What do you all think of this “news”?  Super crazy and unbelievable, yes?  Well

Hopefully, by now you realize it’s all BS!


4/1/19 – Bill “Jett” Ramey