Michael Uslan & the Late Stan Lee’s Online Comic Books in Pop Culture Course is Available Again


BOF’s great friend and supporter — Michael Uslan — has alerted me that the online course about the history of comic book superheroes which he taught with the legend himself, the late Stan Lee, is being offered again.

If you missed it, now’s your chance!

CLICK HERE for more details.  I’ll turn things over to my friend, Michael Uslan. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Following the passing of Stan Lee, my idol, mentor, friend, and creative associate, the course we taught, along with my son David, on the history of comic books and super-heroes for the Smithsonian Institution, is now once again open for enrollment online…and it is absolutely FREE!

We’ve had over 150,000 students from 165 different countries to date. This is your window of opportunity to experience Stan Lee as your professor!

Join us…but act FAST! – Michael Uslan



Join the Smithsonian, and comic book industry legend, the late Stan Lee, in this self-paced course to explore the history of the comic book and the rise of superheroes.

The ancient gods of Egyptian, Greek and Roman myths still exist, but today, they have superpowers, human foibles and secret identities. They come from comic books and graphic novels, and have taken over pop culture on the stage, screen, video games, and animation.

From Superman® and Spider-Man®, to The Avengers® and The Hulk® and beyond, who are these heroes? And, how have they evolved from folklore and myth, across all cultures and religions?