I suppose this is sort of a sequel to KNIGHTFALL.  Anyway, from a press release sent to BOF from DC Comics, here’s the description of TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL #1…

Co-written by Scott Snyder (DARK NIGHTS: METAL, JUSTICE LEAGUE, THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS) and Kyle Higgins (DEATHSTROKE, BATMAN ETERNAL, NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER), with art by Javier Fernandez (JUSTICE LEAGUE) and a cover by Lee Weeks (BATMAN), this one-shot takes place in a Gotham City 30 years after a broken Bruce Wayne failed to take back the mantle of the Bat. In his place arose Jean-Paul Valley, also known as Saint Batman. Under his iron rule, Saint Batman has turned Gotham into the city of his dreams – killing has become commonplace and criminals live in constant fear—all in the name of justice.

But just when all seems lost, a new hope for Gotham rises: The Son of Bane.

And some preview artwork…

TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL #1 will be available at comics shops and participating digital retailers on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.  Fans can also purchase a one-dollar reprint of the original comic each story is based on BATMAN #497.

Stay tuned to BOF for more coverage on this title. – Bill “Jett” Ramey