EXCLUSIVE: Batman Producer Michael Uslan Comments on JOKER


As you all know, a new trailer for Todd Phillips’ JOKER starring Joaquin Phoenix dropped today.

And as y’all also know, there’s been a LOT of, as we say in Texas, “carrying on” about this movie, with things such as…

“This isn’t the real Joker!”

“How can you have The Joker without Batman?!”

“This MUST connect to Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN or it’s a missed opportunity!”

I can go on, but I’ll spare y’all with this sort of nonsense.

Here’s what my friend, the great Batman on film producer Michael Uslan, has to say about JOKER

At this moment in time, when comic book movies/TV are saturating the marketplace, I think ‘cookie-cutter’ sequels and movies are not the answer.

I think the most important thing needed are films that are different, bold, unique.

If, in order to do this, rules need to be broken by filmmakers with informed and creative visions, then break some rules and spin our heads around.

Jerry Robinson, co-creator of The Joker, was a dear friend of mine and a mentor. I met and talked with his Joker co-creator, Bill Finger twice. I knew Batman co-creator, Bob Kane well.

I have zero doubt that once meeting Todd Phillips, they would have fully endorsed what he has masterfully and artistically accomplished.


Mic drop by Mr. U. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

JOKER hits theaters on October 4, 2019