BATMAN ’89 Batwing Desk Lamp Review


“Winged battle flies through the night, and finds me…READY.”

During these unpredictable times, many of us have spare moments to peruse the dark corners of the internet. For me, I enjoy going to retail sites, typing “Batman”, and embarking on a journey.

Usually, my adventures take me through apparel, books, movies, LEGO, and various other Dark Knight items. Recently, I found myself going to the DC Shop and doing my usual browsing, not expecting any surprises.  Then, low and behold, I scroll down to see BATMAN BATWING POSEABLE DESK LAMP.

“Why didn’t somebody tell me he had one of those…THINGS?!”

Noteworthy Specs:

  • Can stand up to 23.5 inches
  • USB powered (with 9ft cable)
  • Composed of BDP (Breakdown Plastic) but looks like sleek metal
  • LED light
  • Will make you want to play with the Batwing

I don’t have any sort of knowledge on desk lamps or what the best brand or anything is, and I don’t know that many of you care. Basically, the question here is whether or not it’s worth it the $50.00 price tag?


With its mobility, the lamp can fit any space you so desire and present a pretty bright light to boot. The Batwing itself can be freely adjusted to focus the light anywhere you want it.

2 Small Quibbles:

By small, I mean tiny.

First, for the lamp to be so mobile, it also feels a little loose. In no way have I feared it will tip over or anything, given its sturdy bass (Meghan Trainor was right, it’s all about the bass). It just feels a little loose when adjusting it.

Second — and I know this isn’t accurate to the movie or anything — but it’d have been awesome if it somehow could have projected a Batsignal!

Other than that, I have no qualms with this purchase. It was a nice change of pace to spend my money on something Batman-related that wasn’t a movie, TV series, comic, or book.  Instead, I have another addition to my Batcave that is as unique as my (see above, right) #Batshelf (that’s for you Peter Verra). – Ryan Lower

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Ryan Lower
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