The August 2020 BOF Mailbag #1


We’re well past the mid-point of 2020, in the dog days of Summer with Fall still almost 2 months away, and COVID-19 is still raging, unfortunately.  But, here’s the first BOF Mailbag for August 2020 for your reading pleasure.  Not a lot of questions this time around — Thanks COVID-19! — but some good ones sent in nonetheless.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah, CLICK HERE for the previous BOF Mailbag in case you missed it. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Would you personally like to see Robin or some version of Robin included in Matt Reeve’s  Batman films at some point?  (via email)

JETT SAYS: Personally, I can do without Robin and any other Bat-sidekicks.

However, as someone who reveres Batman history and fancies himself as an amateur Batman historian, I think some form of “Robin” is a must in any adaptation of the Batman story — even Christopher Nolan was aware of that which is why his version of the character (which fit his Bat-Universe) was in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY‘s finale.

Top three…Batman on film Jokers, non-Joker Batman on film villains, and Marvel on film villains?

JETT SAYS: In order as you asked…

Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and Joaquin Phoenix (even though being “The Joker” was in his head 😉 ).  I seriously considered putting Cesar Romero’s Joker from the BATMAN TV series and the 1966 theatrical movie over Nicholson.  Hell, make it Ledger, Romero, and Phoenix!

Ra’s Al Ghul/Ducard from BATMAN BEGINS, Two-Face from THE DARK KNIGHT, and Catwoman in BATMAN RETURNS (based on performance)…

Finally, for Marvel…certainly not my area of expertise.  I guess Doc Ock from SPIDER-MAN 2, Thanos from the MCU films, and…I don’t know…Loki from THOR and other MCU movies.

What do you think the role of GCPD is in Matt Reeve’s Batman movie. Obviously we have Jim Gordon involved, but is he already the commissioner? Is the department mixed on how they feel about a vigilante? Is there corruption like we saw in BATMAN BEGINS and BATMAN ’89?

JETT SAYS: Well certainly, the Gotham City Police Department will play a big role in THE BATMAN — it’s a Batman film and that’s kinda how it is most Batman incarnations in any medium.  I do not think that Jeffery Wright’s Jim Gordon is the police commissioner of Gotham, yet, in THE BATMAN; and since the film’s story takes place early in Batman’s career, I figure that the GCPD won’t take to kindly to Gotham’s new vigilante detective.

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JETT SAYS: I’m not concerned about that because Matt Reeves and his team are in charge of the film and will make sure it comes off seamlessly despite the gaps in time in filming.

It’s totally different from JUSTICE LEAGUE because it was Joss Whedon’s job — via WB’s directive — to reshoot a good chunk of the movie and drastically change its tone because they feared what they had was unwatchable.

Do you think THE BATMAN will make release next Fall?


DEADLINE had an editorial this week about the possibility that moviegoing habits may never recover from [the COVID-19 pandemic in] 2020. What do you think?

JETT SAYS: It’s an interesting subject and future possibility to discuss, no doubt about it.  I don’t know man, I think theaters/cinemas were a dying breed even before the pandemic this year (Which is, unfortunately, going to continue on into 2021, G-dammit!), and there are SO many different ways to watch quality filmmaking nowadays.  Plus, it’s relatively easy today for people to create their own “home theaters.”

As someone who grew up going to the “show” and loves movies, I certainly hope that the medium doesn’t come to an end…at least not in my lifetime.

JETT SAYS: I have not as of yet as I’ve been immersed in reading other things — mostly history, political, and Batman stuff.  However, I do have in my house and will definitely get to it very soon.

What can we expect from the fight scenes in THE BATMAN after [Marvel’s] DAREDEVIL and the BATMAN v SUPERMAN warehouse scene? Also, how do you think Matt Reeves will handle Batman killing?

JETT SAYS: I don’t think Matt Reeves cares about either the fight scenes in DAREDEVIL or the tremendously overrated “Warehouse Scene” in BvS in the least.  He’ll have his Batman (Robert Pattinson) fight as he feels it fits his take on Batman.

As far as Batman killing, I’d first say there’s a big difference between being an executioner/murderer and someone dying as “collateral damage,” if you will, due to a heroic act…like saving someone.  With all that said, no, I do not think Batman will murder or execute anyone in THE BATMAN.

There have obviously been HUGE moments in Batman history (1966, Summer 1989, Summer 2008) but is this the busiest time in Batman’s history? We’ve got the “Snyder Cut” coming, Keaton returning, the Reeves film and related TV show — not to mention the usual comics and animated films. It’s like we’re up to our neck in Batman. Also, as awesome as it is for hardcore fans, will it oversaturate the market? Or is the market segmented enough that it really won’t matter?

JETT SAYS: I think it shows how popular Batman is — amongst fans and the general audience — and why the character is the company’s #1 IP.

Think about it this way: The comics and animated films are for diehard fans, the ZS cut of JL is for a niche audience (and to help prop up HBO Max, quite frankly), and the big screen stuff — Keaton in FLASHPOINT and, most importantly, Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN films and universe (i.e. the Gotham Police Department show on HBOM) is for a much bigger and overall mainstream audience overall.  Plenty of Batman to go around.  I think Batman’s going to be just fine going forward, so don’t worry about oversaturation.

Do you think the HBO MAX show will use comic book storylines like THE BATMAN is or will it be its own thing?

JETT SAYS: You’re referring to the “Gotham Central” prestige series that will air on HBO Max and set in the universe of Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN — letting the readers know.

I wouldn’t say that THE BATMAN is “using” comic book storylines — Reeves simply cherry-picked elements out of some Batman stories from the comics to go along with his original story.

As far as the HBOM TV show, I think it’ll be more of its own thing, but the stories, characters, and vibe will reflect the world of THE BATMAN.