THE BATMAN is Filming in Chicago

(John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

We had previously heard that THE BATMAN production would be traveling to the city of Chicago, IL to film some scenes over the course of two weekends.  I suspected it was some second unit stuff and that none of the main cast would be there and that seems to be the case.   The filming is taking place near Chicago’s Thompson Center.

Below you’ll find a report on Friday night’s filming in Chicago from CBS 2.  I don’t find it spoilerish at all, but if you’re avoiding everything, then skip watching the video.

On a Batman on film historical note, this is the first solo Batman movie to film in Chicago since 2007 when Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT set up shop in the Windy City.  I remember that fondly as I got to visit the set in June of 2007.  You can check out the retrospective on my set report HERE. – Bill “Jett” Ramey