BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, PART 1 Clip | “Alfred & Bruce”


The following clip for BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, PART ONE comes to BOF (and then to you all) courtesy of the folks at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  Check out, “Alfred and Bruce” below…

SYNOPSIS: On Halloween night, Bruce Wayne (voiced by Jensen Ackles) and his butler Alfred Pennyworth (Alastair Duncan) discuss the lack of trick-or-treaters visiting Wayne Manor, and lament the deterioration of Gotham City. Little do they know what’s soon to come.


Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, the all-new feature-length BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, PART ONE arrives on Digital & Blu-ray on June 22, 2021.  CLICK HERE or on the Blu-ray art below to order. – Bill “Jett” Ramey