BOF is 23!


23 years ago today — June 2, 1998 — I launched what would become (BOF for short) as “JettD60s BATMAN 5 Page.”

On a WebTV.

Since then, I’ve got to witness and participate in A LOT of cool stuff over the years that I never imagined in my wildest dreams back in June of ’98.  Additionally, I’ve got to meet many great people along the way — some of which became dear friends.

Just because of a little ‘ol website.

I just want to thank all of the people (and “non-people”) who I have met, been a part of,  and/or helped me and BOF along the way…

  • Paul Wares
  • Darren Olcsvary
  • Anne Chun
  • Orna Pickens
  • DC Comics
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Mark Hughes
  • Sean Gerber
  • Gregg Bray
  • Chris Clow
  • The late John Bierly
  • Justin Kowalski
  • John Regan
  • And others I’m sure I’m missing.

A shoutout to these folks for giving me and BOF not only the time of day but being true friends of the site…

  • The great Michael Uslan
  • Emma Thomas
  • Christopher Nolan

A special shoutout to my current core “Team BOF” who not only contribute greatly to the site, but are good friends (and blood family, in case of one!) as well…

  • Ryan Hoss
  • Garret Grev
  • Peter Vera
  • Ryan Lower
  • Rick Shew
  • Javier Trujillo
  • Eric Holzmann
  • Micah Ramey

And FINALLY, a SUPERDUPER big ‘ol Texas thanks to my better half — “Announcer Rachel” — for supporting me with BOF all these years (and “allowing” one room of her house to be totally BATMAN) and all the loyal BOF’ers who have stuck with me and BOF!

Again, THANK YOU ALL and that’s all I got…’til next year! – Bill “Jett” Ramey