HBO Max’s BATGIRL is Casting, Um, Batgirl!


Per DEADLINE, Warner Bros. is in the process of casting a lead actor for their upcoming HBO Max project, BATGIRL.

According to the trade, candidates include Isabella Merced, Zoey Deutch, Leslie Grace, and Haley Lu Richardson amongst others.

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BATGIRL will be released on HBO Max, not on the big screen, and will feature the Barbara Gordon — daughter of GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon — version of the character.  Also, maybe I missed it, but since this is an HBO Max thing, perhaps BATGIRL will be a series like PEACEMAKER and THE BATMAN-related GCPD.

BATGIRL will not be tied to director Matt Reeves’ upcoming THE BATMAN theatrical film, and there’s no word how much it will be connected to WB’s DC Comics films that technically co-exist.  Hell, maybe BATGIRL is its own standalone thing just like JOKER, THE BATMAN, etc.

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