THE FLASH Soundtrack | 2 Batman-Themed Tracks Released


Check out these 2 Batman-themed tracks from the soundtrack of THE FLASH.  “I Am Batman” for Michael Keaton’s Batman and “Sounds About Right, Bruce” for Ben Affleck’s version of the character…

Look for my “right out of the screening” reaction to THE FLASH here on BOF on Monday, June 5, 2023, at about 10 PM Central.  My full review of the film will be posted on this site at 2 PM Central on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. For more about these 2 tracks, check out the press release from WB below. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

WaterTower Music has announced today’s release of two highly anticipated tracks of music from Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming film “The Flash,” along with the availability of preorders for Triple LP, Two-Color Vinyl, and Double CD versions of the full The Flash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

The two Batman-related themes—“I Am Batman” and “Sounds About Right, Bruce”—are the latest music to be released from the upcoming The Flash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), which features the music of celebrated two-time GRAMMY- and BAFTA-nominated composer Benjamin Wallfisch (the “IT” films, “Shazam,” “Blade Runner 2049” [with Hans Zimmer]). Two previous tracks from the upcoming album, “Worlds Collide” and “Run,” were made available two weeks ago. All four pieces of music are now available for streaming (Standard and Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio configurations) and digital purchase, and will be on the soundtrack, scheduled for release the same day as director Andy Muschietti’s “The Flash”—the DC Super Hero’s first-ever standalone feature film—is set to open in theaters in North America, June 16, 2023.

Fans may find familiarity upon hearing “I Am Batman,” and for good reason. “The Flash” composer Benjamin Wallfisch explains: “As a DC fan for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved Danny Elfman’s ‘The Batman Theme’ from the moment it hit me as a 10-year-old back in 1989. It’s, of course, one of the most iconic themes of all time, and so beloved by fans around the world, it was my job to pull all the stops out and celebrate it in “The Flash” when Keaton is on screen, whilst also finding a way to completely reinvent it for our movie. Keaton returns to this role with more complexity and a lot more physicality – the music needed to reflect that,” the composer continued. “Andy encouraged me to go all-in with mining all kinds of variations from those iconic six notes and you can hear them both full tilt, but also planted as Easter Eggs. It was so much fun to get to play in that world.

Wallfisch continued: “The music for Ben Affleck’s Batman, “Sounds About Right, Bruce,” has a completely different approach. I wanted to honor the sheer intensity of sound and orchestration that we’ve heard created for his character in recent films, but as his action takes place in the world of The Flash, it needed a ton of propulsion and forward motion, and from that came this new Batman Theme. There’s also a new theme capturing Batman’s backstory (as yet unreleased) that connects both Affleck and Keaton in the movie, heard several times at some key moments in the story.”