THE BATMAN Sequel Already Got the Greenlight? (UPDATED!)


UPDATE (9/24/21): I have received additional confirmation that a sequel for THE BATMAN is indeed already OK’ed and they have requested that the entire team, if you will, return.  The original story is below. – BR

If you’re a regular reader of this website, you know that it’s VERY rare that I post a rumor from the internet.  Frankly, there are too many people with websites, social media accounts, YouTube channels and the like that simply make shit up and post nonsense on the Net all in the name of brief internet fame or the almighty click/hit/impression.

But, in this case, I’m making a bit of an exception because I trust the original source of this info as well as from things I’ve heard as of late.

According to Daniel Richtman, a sequel to Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN starring Robert Pattinson has already got the OK from Warner Bros.  While I cannot confirm that THE BATMAN 2 (or whatever it’ll be called and hopefully not that) has already been greenlit, I do know from several FOBOF’s that the powers that be are really, Really, REALLY high on THE BATMAN.  So, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if part 2 of THE BATMAN saga is already in the works.

Furthermore, as BOF’s Peter Verra and I talked about on Episode 32 of the BOF Social Hour, for WB, DC, and HBO Max to be building a THE BATMAN-verse, if you will, on the big screen and the streamer, they’ve got to be pretty damn confident in Matt Reeves and company.

For more on this story, check out Daniel Richtman’s Patreon and Twitter. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(This article was posted with the approval of the story’s original source.)

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