SYNOPSIS: Detective Blair Wong set her sights on Bruce Wayne as a source of information about the Batman-but neither of them was ready for the sparks that flew when they met. Unfortunately for their relationship, the imposter Batman has killed again, and the pressure is mounting to close the case…immediately!


“I’m not proud of this. But the mission is all that matters.”

Last month, a lot of my review for BATMAN: THE IMPOSTER was linking how it could be a gateway into the upcoming THE BATMAN universe. I still stand by that, but now in a different way.

Issue #2 takes us deeper into this version of Bruce Wayne. He’s always got an angle and is always thinking about the mission. It’s like he can’t turn off Batman.

Hmm…sound familiar?

Detective Wong plays an important role in this issue, as Bruce includes her in his mission to get GCPD information. He needs to know what they know, and she is the key. The Wesker corporation also has information Batman needs via their many security cameras, and Batman needs to find a way in. Through an unlikely encounter, he stumbles across Arnold Wesker, who has quite the disturbing collection of dummies.

It’s funny, for a book called THE IMPOSTER, we actually don’t see much of The Imposter. However, the Imposter is informing every one of Bruce’s decisions. The threat is there on every page, connected to every angle that Bruce is looking into.

Writer Mattson Tomlin has constructed one hell of a detective story. Not a page is wasted here, with every minor detail connecting dots to this intriguing mystery. The story is patient, but never boring, as we learn everything the moment Bruce does himself. It’s keeping us on edge, as more light is shed on what’s really going on.

Andrea Sorrentino also doesn’t waste a panel in this book. What captures my eye instantly are the unique layouts. There’s an interesting approach to taking us through action beats that really work and breaking down and emphasizing the impacts in fights. Gotham continues to be grimy and gritty. His atmosphere is dark and realistic. Sorrentino is on fire here.

Overall, BATMAN: THE IMPOSTER continues to be a very smart, patient, and intriguing mystery. It’s definitely on its way to being the Batman book of 2021, and that’s no small feat. – Ryan Lower


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