EMPIRE Drops 3 THE BATMAN Magazine Covers


In the December 23, 2021 edition of EMPIRE, there will be a big feature on THE BATMAN.  In conjunction, the mag has revealed 3 different covers of that issue: Robert Pattinson as The Batman, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and another by comic book artist/writer Jock.  Check ’em out below…

Here’s the description of what readers will find in the upcoming issue…

What happens when you take the most iconic comic book character of all time, entrust him to one of Hollywood’s most ambitious directors, and cast a leading actor who reinvented himself from teen idol to screen powerhouse? You get THE BATMAN – a bold, breathtaking new take on a hero you might have thought you already knew inside out. Well, just you wait. Director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson are cooking up something special with their dark, dangerous, detective-centered Bat-flick – a noir-ish, horror-tinged serial killer mystery with a grunge-rock flair. Think you know The Batman? Think again.

This month’s issue of Empire features the world-exclusive full story on The Dark Knight’s radical return – taking a deep-dive with Reeves, producer Dylan Clark, and their stellar cast on their road into Gotham, their very different conception of Bruce Wayne, the Zodiac Killer-inspired reinvention of The Riddler, and the unexpected influences that make for a Batman story unlike any that’s hit the silver screen before. Inside the mag, you’ll find brand new interviews with Reeves, Clark, and Pattinson, as well as Zoë Kravitz on Catwoman, Paul Dano on The Riddler, Colin Farrell on The Penguin – plus, plenty of brand-new never-before-seen images from the film. Light up the Bat-Signal: Gotham’s caped crusader is back.

For more, visit EMPIRE.COM. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(Thanks to BOF’er @HarlowC for the heads up!)

THE BATMAN hits theaters on March 4, 2022. Follow BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page.  Make plans to attend BOF’s THE BATMAN Watch Party.