BATWOMAN | S3E8 Review: “True Destiny”


The Bat is back!

That’s right, cool kids, the holiday break in Gotham, aka The CW, is over, and the only active on-screen Bat (until March) has returned!

The last time we saw Team Batwoman, Mary just received a power-up, and Marquis Jet had taken over Wayne Enterprises. Now Team Batwoman must figure out how to stop not only Mary the new Poison Ivy but figure out how to keep all their secrets from going public. Let’s dive into it! Can Ryan and company pull it off?

With every episode that passes, it seems that this series gets better and better. Could this week’s episode “True Destiny” be the best in the series? I know I have said that a few times this year, but it’s the truth. This writer’s room is doing a fantastic job taking this show to the next level.   For the first time, we get a look at an old-school villain on the show.  In the past, we have had elements of villains’ history, relatives, weapons but not an actual villain; enter Pamela Isley. Isley is a significant factor here, and it seems going forward, but this is an episode dedicated to Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena). There are some beautiful parallels between what Montoya had gone through and what Team Batwoman is currently going through. That ability to make the hard choice is on display. You see Ryan’s internal conflict, creating some incredible tension in the episode between the characters.

Team Batwoman needs to break into Wayne Tower and get back into the Batcave to stop Mary. Now, this is where the show gets interesting. There is a James Bond vibe when Sophie, Luke, and Ryan crash the party. Luke and Sophie are a wonder one-two punch with technology and quick thinking. This show has always done an excellent job of using Bat-gadgets since season one, and this is no different. Throw in a solid fashionista fight, and you got one hell of a search and seizure mission.

The only negative thing in the episode is old reliable Maquis Jet (Nick Creegan). Creegan, at times, tries too hard to be Jared Leto’s Joker of all Jokers. The flamboyant wardrobe, over-the-top acting, and cringe-worthy facial expressions don’t and have not worked all season. It does look like Mr. Jet’s days are numbered by episodes end, but as we are accustomed to in Gotham City, there are twists, and boy are there are twists. I say that the ending this week was just as good as SUPERMAN AND LOIS…and that’s high praise.

“True Destiny” was one hell of an episode between the team dynamic and the stakes at hand. There was so much going on, Team Batwoman/Mary and Montoya/Ivy. This episode was light on Alice but heavy on heart and tension, and it worked out wonderfully. For three seasons, it seems that Rachel Skarsten has carried the weight of BATWOMAN on her shoulders; this was a remarkable change of pace. Javicia Leslie owns this character, and her heart is at the center of this episode, as is Victoria Cartagena. I have been begging for more Cartagena in this show, and it looks like that will undoubtedly be the case as we advance.

I keep telling all of you to give this show a chance. Skip seasons 1 and 2 and jump right into season 3. Shout out to Doug for taking my advice and watching the show. All you must do is give it a shot and you will find yourself enjoying it. – Peter Verra