The March 2021 BOF Mailbag


Do you think that ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE movie will have a conclusion since it’s a 4-hour movie?

JETT SAYS: Nope, I do not because I think shenanigans are at hand.

As it’s the same story — plot-wise — as the JL theatrical cut so even though the ending of the film is “different,” the outcome is the same.  So in regards to this film’s story ending, yeah.  BUT…

Since the director has added a new “Knightmare” scene, it’s pretty obvious what’s at hand here, right?

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Hey Bill! Out of all the Batman films, what is your favorite line uttered by Batman/Bruce? Cheers!

JETT SAYS: “It’s not who I am underneath, it’s what I do that defines me.”


With THE FLASH movie finally kicking into gear, what is your excitement level for it in comparison with THE BATMAN?

JETT SAYS: It’s pretty darn high.  I’m very excited to see Michael Keaton play an aged version of his Batman.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and I truly hope he gets his “cool way to segue out of the role” as he wants and that it’s very heroic.  But I’m SUPER stoked for THE BATMAN and it’s at the top of my most anticipated movies list by FAR.

THE FLASH concept art with Michael Keaton’s Batman

Do you think Bale’s Batman will show up in some form in [THE FLASH]?

JETT SAYS: No comment.

Hey Bill, what villains would you like to see in the BATMAN ’89 comics? I hope we get a Robin Williams Riddler.

JETT SAYS: That would certainly be very cool if they did that.  I guess a Billy Dee Williams-inspired version of Two-Face is at the top of my list — and I believe that is indeed happening.

Do you think that the recent casting/announcement of the Supergirl character in [THE FLASH] is a strong indicator that WB is indeed moving on from Henry Cavill as Superman? What are the changes that — just like Keaton is going to replace Ben Affleck as the DCEU Bruce Wayne — so will Sasha Calle replace Cavill as the DCEU “Person of Steel?”

JETT SAYS: I do not think we’ll get another Superman film with Henry Cavill from Warner Bros. — and I say that hoping I’m wrong.  It’s been pretty clear that’s been the case for a while and the recent announcement of WB’s plan for a Superman on film reboot is probably the final nail in that coffin.

I have no idea what the plan is for Sasha Calle’s version of Supergirl, but I will say that I’d bet my bottom dollar (in Monopoly money, as always) that a solo, standalone Supergirl is coming soon.

What are the best Riddler stories to read in anticipation of THE BATMAN?


Will you hang any of the black n’ white ZSJL posters at the BOF home office?


How much will THE FLASH movie complicate continuity issues when it comes to the Batman movies? Personally, I don’t see the need to connect one Batman franchise/set of films to another; I just enjoy them on their own. So, a follow-up question: How much of THE FLASH is simply fan pandering?

JETT SAYS: I don’t think it’s going to connect them at all, nor will it affect their self-contained continuity.

As far as pandering to fans, there’s probably a little and a film like THE FLASH is able to do that will multiverses, time-travel, etc.  But I think there’s a reason that Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is in the film (see above) and the same goes for Keaton’s aged Batman.  In fact, the latter’s role is significant and damn near the main one.


JETT SEE: You’ll see.  Hell, maybe you already have. 😉

Could we be getting a Burton-sequel take on Robin in the upcoming BATMAN ’89 comic? Sam Hamm is one of the writers on the upcoming series, so might he use elements from his original script that never made it into the 1989 film?

JETT SAYS: I believe that indeed is going to happen — though it will be the version that was going to be used in BATMAN RETURNS (for which Marlon Wayans had been cast) and not the version that was to show up in a B89 cameo.

Do you think Matt Reeves might be willing to go beyond a cinematic trilogy and stay on to steer the ship if so?

JETT SAYS: Chris, I don’t see him making this his life’s work, if you will.  I do believe he will helm the sequels and it’ll be a trilogy.  Other than that, I do not think that either Reeves or Pattinson stays on after 3 movies and the story is told.


Is there anything due on THE BATMAN with filming almost complete? Teaser? Pictures? Cheers!

JETT SAYS: It appears that filming is done.  Not sure about the other.  Perhaps once all this current nonsense is past us, we’ll get something in April-ish.

Have you heard any chatter of which Superman will be utilized? Val-Zod, Calvin Ellis, or a Black Clark Kent?

JETT SAYS: I have…and I can’t say a word.  Perhaps it’s NOT one of the options you gave me?

How plausible do you think it might be for THE BATMAN to have a theatrical PG-13 rating and then an R-rated “Director’s Cut” or whatever for home release afterward?

JETT SAYS: I don’t find that plausible at all. I believe THE BATMAN we get next year will indeed by Reeves’ “Director’s Cut” and if the rating is PG-13, then that’s what Reeves intended.  If it’s R-rated, same deal.  I find the “Director’s/Extended/Ultimate Cut” releases a thing for films that either sucked/underperformed (i.e. BATMAN v SUPERMAN) and/or a cash grab by the studio.

Here’s an outside-the-box question: DC has rebooted their top characters for movies and TV multiple times over the years. As the MCU begins to move on from Captain America and Iron Man, do you think they can have sustained success with a “new generation” or do we draw closer to a reboot?

JETT SAYS: I’d say that the MCU as a brand is so big now that I do believe they’ll have sustained success for a while.  I’m sure that at some point, they’ll have to reboot — but I don’t think that day is coming anytime soon.

With all that said, I do believe that one of the negatives of a shared cinematic universe is that it’s not “reboot friendly,” if you will.  When everything is connected, it’s hard to start anew with, say, Iron Man by way of a BATMAN BEGINS-like reset because of all the shared storylines and inter-film connections.

The great thing about Batman is that the character is so malleable and rich with history which makes it assessable for reboots and different cinematic interpretations.  We’ve seen it happen successfully — for the most part — over the last 30+ years from BATMAN ’89 through THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY and now to the upcoming THE BATMAN.  I don’t know if this would be possible with Iron Man.

Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent, but I think you get my point!