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It’s a new week, which means the most recent episode of the CW’s Batwoman has dropped.  This week’s episode “Meet Your Maker” is a heavy dose of awesome.  Team Batwoman is dealing with personal struggles while hunting OG Poison Ivy and the new Poison Mary.  Emotions are high, relationships are at stake but can our heroes survive this horror episode.  Let’s get into it!

This episode of Batwoman is running on all cylinders.  The writing is sharp, witty, and humorous at the perfect moment.  Team Batwoman is struggling, but each member is holding the other accountable.  Seeing the team break each other down to build themselves was an interesting choice here; bravo to the writers.  The team has moments where they pick each other up at the right time for big payoffs at the end.  Ryan does a great job motivating Luke, and at the right moment, allowing him to display the hero within.  Sophie breaks Ryan out of a post-explosion funk and clears her head.  While this might not have been the ideal team-building exercise, these events have made Team Batwoman a more robust and cohesive unit.

Bridget Regan is phenomenal in this episode as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy.  Regan is a ruthless Ivy, living up to the character’s history, blending the past and present.  At times my jaw would drop to the floor.  Was I watching Ivy or Jason Vorhees go on a murderous rampage in the forest?  One scene is a bit too Ouija board/séance for my liking, but that is my only gripe.  For years, fans have praised Rachel Skarsten for her untouchable performance as Gotham’s most dangerous villain.  Well, she better be looking over her shoulder; Regan is coming for that title.  Regan’s Ivy might go down as the best live-action interpretation of the character we have ever seen.  You have the classic eco-terrorist vibe combined with the romantic angle that has traditionally been paired with Harley Quinn.  While Harley is not on the show, Victoria Cartagena fills that void as Renee Montoya.  Having these two powerhouse actresses on screen is a blessing.  They captivate you and draw you in with their “toxic relationship.”  It’s beautiful as these two feed off each other.  It is fantastic to see Cartagena more on the show.  She has been one of the standouts all season; we just have not gotten enough of her Montoya until now.

I must give credit where credit is due; for the first time this season, Robin Givens/ Jada Jet is not a distraction.  In this episode, she teams up with CW veteran David Ramsey/John Diggle searching for Montoya and the Joker buzzer.  The desperation of a mother trying to save her son works in this episode.  Givens and Ramsey have some incredible chemistry in the few scenes they have together.  For the first time this season, I am interested in the Jet storyline.  I hope this momentum continues when the writers bring Marquis Jet back.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience shocked.  I haven’t been this excited at the end of an episode all season.  Next Wednesday cannot come soon enough.  There was so much to unpack in this episode, and the writers nailed it.  Heroes in doubt, loved ones questioning motives while others are trying to save their families.  This episode has some kills that would make your favorite slasher proud.  Batwoman is on a roll in season three, and it just keeps getting better.  Comic book TV doesn’t get more fun than this!  Don’t be a hater, be a fan and give Batwoman a chance! – Peter Verra




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