Robert Pattinson’s Journey to Gotham


Now nearing a decade since the end of the TWILIGHT film saga, Robert Pattinson has completely transformed his acting legacy.

Fueled by an incredibly ambitious pursuit of challenging movie roles and constantly seeking work with “auteurs” of the industry, Pattinson has earned his way into the cowl of Gotham’s famed protector.

Most of these projects have been on the indie side of the film scene and many people of the general populace have not been following this incredible acting evolution. But as Pattinson seeks to step back into the mainstream with his take on Bruce Wayne/Batman in Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated March 4th release THE BATMAN, Micah Ramey of Coloneh Broadcasting and BOF feels it is time to give the actor his credit and discuss the entirety of Pattinson’s career post-TWILIGHT.


0:00 – Intro/Twilight
3:11 – Cosmopolis
7:25 – The Rover
10:43 – Check out my shirt
11:22 – Maps to the Stars
14:32 – Queen of the Desert/The Childhood of a Leader
16:13 – Life
18:50 – Lost City of Z
22:22 – Good Time
27:11 – Damsel
31:11 – High Life
33:43 – The Lighthouse
37:11 – The King
39:44 – Waiting for the Barbarians
41:01 – The Devil All the Time
44:26 – Tenet
49:30 – The Batman Story