THE BATWOMAN | “We Having Fun Yet” Episode Review


Here we are, Bat-fam, the season finale of BATWOMAN, episode thirteen “We Having Fun Yet?”.  This finale feels very much like a dark version of BATMAN ’66.  In typical Bat-fashion, millions of lives are at stake, and team Batwoman must figure out how to juggle saving, Alice, or Marquis while protecting the city.  You have an extravagant evil plan using the Bat-blimp with the edge of a 9 pm time slot.  It sounds like a typical night in Gotham City.

Let’s dive into it!

This episode is a microcosm of the season, what works best, the team aspect, and the main characters’ relationships.  What does not work, the Jets.  I applaud the writers for Marquis Jets’ scheme.  It’s an old Joker mass murder plan, using the city’s obsession with the Bat to lure them out and eventually kill everyone with Joker toxin. Nick Creegan continues his over-the-top acting that can only be compared to the performance of Tommy Lee Jones in BATMAN FOREVER.  While Creegan cackles like Jones, he does a decent job with the fight choreography in the finale.  The writers have tried their best to build up this family aspect for Ryan all season, but it has fallen flat in every attempt.  This family dynamic has been the only negative for this group of writers.  They can never get the viewer emotionally invested in the Jets.

There are other family aspects that the writers nail in this episode.  Alice early on delivers another passionate scene in Arkham as she pleads with her stepsister Mary for The Joker’s buzzer to save her life.  Since Mary went on a mini-tour as Ivy 2.0, she and Alice have become scene stealers when paired together.  The chemistry of these two actresses is on full display with a wide range of emotions.  In the episode’s third act, Luke has a touching moment with his AI father that even got me a little choked up.  This further indicates how great the writers did all season, juggling the various relationships between most characters, whether working or a love relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, the end of the episode is exceptionally entertaining.  You feel that Gotham is in BATMAN ’66 peril, and there are two good fights to close out.  The first fight on the blimp was a tremendous action-packed altercation with some spectacular grapnel gun work.  Then there is the big surprise on the rooftop as an unexpected hero emerges from over the ledge to lend a hand.  Javicia Leslie gives her best performance as Batwoman on the rooftop since her battle with OG Ivy.  She completely embodies what it means to carry the mantle of the Bat, and it would make even the most traditional Bat-Fans nod with approval.  Ryan Wilder has earned the title of Gotham’s protector in this third season.

I have been completely surprised at how good this season of BATWOMAN has been.  This show found its stride early on and kept the pace all season.  It started with the villain of the week gimmick that played so well off the end of season two.  The best part of this season was the three-part storyline where Bridget Regan’s Poison Ivy captivated the viewer on all levels in episodes 8 “True Destiny,” 9 “Meet Your Maker,” 10 “Toxic.” Ivy’s relationship with Victoria Cartagena’s/Renee Montoya took center stage and was the highlight of the season.  The revenge and broken heart that drove Ivy, her teaching, and her eventual turn on Mary were nothing short of brilliant.  Cartagena got a second chance with Montoya this season as she previously played the character on GOTHAM.  While it took a few episodes to get her storyline going, she shined like a star when it did.

The same can be said for Megan Tandy’s/Sophie who almost seemed wasted early in the season but proved to be a valuable partner for Ryan in the end.  Nicole Kang’s/Mary had an exciting season from her bonding with Alice to her short time as a bad guy.  Kang showed an extraordinary amount of range this season.  While her love story with Luke faded away almost as quickly as it came, it did not go without resolution.  Camrus Johnson’s/Luke Fox was the one character who might have gotten the short end of the straw this season.  With not much other than some great one-liners and interacting with his father via AI.  You could say Luke had a much more impressive arc in season two.  Although Johnson did have a wonder directorial debut this season in episode 11 “Broken Toys.”  I’ve raved about Skarsten and Leslie as Alice and Batwoman, respectively, all season.  These two put the show’s weight on their shoulders and carried it with ease.  Leslie has become one hell of an actress before our eyes, and I look forward to seeing her career move forward.

I strongly suggest Bat-Fans give this season a watch, just season three.  I know I’m going to hear people complain, “It’s not Bruce Wayne” and or “I’m not the demographic for this show.” If you give the show a chance and have some fun with it, you will enjoy it.  The 9 pm time slot did wonders and allowed the show to take some risks.  There are some shocking horror and violent action elements that you never see on the CW.  Top it off with those comic book nods that all fans will love.  BATWOMAN may not be PEACEMAKER or SUPERMAN & LOIS, but this season has so much respect for the Batman mythology I honestly believe it is worth a viewing. – Peter Verra

Episode Grade: B

Season Grade: B+