Confrontations continue in this week’s BATMAN: BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT #3. While Bruce continues to flesh out his feelings with his inner clown, last month’s cliffhanger is a hot topic of discussion. He also dishes on his history with Derek Powers, who is manipulating Terry McGinnis. Speaking of the young chap, he also comes face-to-face with Bruce, and a Robin…

One thing I’ve always said about the WHITE KNIGHT universe (the Murphyverse) is that creator Sean Murphy takes chances. Anything can happen at any moment, and nothing feels “safe”. While this issue isn’t too action-heavy, the relationship-building and confrontations are the hooks. I really liked the focus on the interplay between the characters, ramping up the drama and tension. Every major player here is getting involved with this story, and all of it makes sense. Signs are pointing to there being one definitive bad guy, and I’m excited to see how we get that confrontation, and how.

Of course, we have to gush about Murphy’s art here. He has his own unique style, and never shortchanges us. While he’s introduced us to this BEYOND world, now we are getting smaller, more specific bits to focus on. Like when we end up back in a storage space for some Batmobiles, which have become a fun mainstay in this universe. However, now we have an addition that feels full of vengeance. Murphy also loves to draw the shadows of our characters “in costume”. It’s a small thing, but I love each scene where he does it. I also love the new suit(s), the action, and the characters. It all works.

BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT continues to add layers to this futuristic chapter of the Murphyverse. While we march ahead, we don’t lose perspective on what’s happened before, building on the foundation of everything that continues to make this world work. I love it and if you’ve been loving it, you’ll love it.

There’s a whole lot of love for The White Knight. – Ryan Lower