Writers Mariko Tamaki and Nadia Shammas are crafting what might be the most balanced Bat-book in some time, in “The Seven”. This dynamic duo of scribes does a beautiful job of showcasing Bruce Wayne and Batman at their best. Meanwhile, backup writer Sina Grace has a detective story, “Gotham Girl, Interrupted,” which is just as interesting, starring Gotham’s forgotten hero. Let’s dive into it!

From the start of her run, Tamaki has given readers fresh perspectives, twists and turns galore, and a whole Bat-Family to keep up with. The most vital part of Tamaki’s writing so far is how much attention she pays to Bruce Wayne. While Batman is the headliner and we all come to see the adventures of the Caped Crusader, it is a joy to see Bruce Wayne in action. Tamaki and Shammas show us the softer side of Bruce Wayne, the man who can wine and dine with Gotham’s elite while he doesn’t have a penny to his name.

The Riddler proves to be a formattable foe for the Batman in this tale. He keeps the Dark Knight off guard and is never sure of his next move, always a few steps ahead. Riddler is targeting various people in Gotham who have skeletons in their closets. The reader and Batman are still unsure of The Riddler’s actual plan, the role of the “Citizen Criminals,” and Donovan’s role in all this. It sounds like typical Riddler, and it feels like we are in for a real treat.

Once again, we are spoiled to have Ivan Reis pencil Detective Comics. With the recent passing of legendary artist Neal Adams, what a time as well. Ries’ artwork has always been compared to Adams’s. The detail and stylization are perfect examples of how Adams can inspire an artist. Ries tends to have more shadows in his artwork, which works perfectly for Batman. Reis’ Bruce Wayne is an old-school Hollywood hunk, while his Batman is one of the most stoic interpretations you will see on the page. Reis gives the reader so many excellent Batman panels, Batman in the shadows, Batman leaping into action, and Batman on various gargoyles. Reis knows precisely what the reader wants. Except for Reis’ Riddler, this Leprechaun Riddler is not doing it for me. I’m curious where are all the complainers that had issues with Paul Dano’s version? Reis’ Riddler looks like he just dyed the Chicago River green. I saw more people complain about Jorge Jiménez Scarecrow, and I think that looks so much better than this. This Lucky Charms Riddler seems to get the pass for some reason.

“Gotham Girl, Interrupted” is a tale that I did not think would land with me. There is something about Gotham Girl trying to branch out on her own and do what is best for her that draws the reader in. The struggle of whether to be a hero or not is an internal fight with Gotham Girl, but when her only “friend” in school is murdered to look like suicide, she is neck-deep in finding justice. Sina Grace is doing just as good of a job with his detective story as the primary writers. Grace has picked up Rosenberg’s baton, and we have another fight for best story in Detective Comics on our hands.

Both stories in Detective Comics #1060 are hardcore detective stories. One is a tale on a large city scale, digging into corruption and deception. While the other is smaller in scale and grand in emotion and heart. Both books have shocking endings that leave the reader desperately wanting next month’s issue! The only decision the reader has to make regarding Detective 1060 is what story is better, “the Seven” or “Gotham Girl, Interrupted.” Buying this book is the easiest decision you could make on new DC day. – Peter Verra


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