BOFSS 13 | OBI-WAN KENOBI Discussion, Part 1


On the 13th episode of the Batman-On-Film Satellite Show, Host/BOF Senior Contributor Ryan Hoss is joined by Legacy BOF Contributor Chris Clow to discuss the Disney+ series OBI-WAN KENOBI at its halfway point.  Listen via the player below or wherever you get your podcasts.


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Ryan Hoss
Senior Contributor Ryan Hoss began writing for Batman-On-Film in 2006, after following the site since its inception. His work for the site expanded over the years to support his mission to highlight Batman's malleability and worth across all forms of media. His articles, reviews, and op-eds cover a wide range of topics from comics, movies, and television shows to video games and even cereal. Currently, Ryan joins in on BOF podcasts and runs BOF's Instagram and Batman Podcast Network social media accounts. Ryan is also the Founder and Webmaster of the Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive Website, dedicated to the cult 1993 film. When he isn’t contributing to BOF, Ryan spends his days as a VFX Artist in the video game industry and being a dad to one amazing Batgirl. Check out his portfolio website at RYANHOSS.COM and follow him on Twitter @SMB_RYAN.