Thanks to the book’s author, David Hernando, BOF is giving away 1 copy of WHY DO WE FALL? EXAMINING THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY to 4 individual winners!  Here’s the book’s official synopsis…

THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, composed of BATMAN BEGINS (2005), THE DARK KNIGHT (2008), and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012), is the most cohesive and complex adaptation any comic-book character has ever had. It is also one of the most celebrated trilogies in recent cinema history. It has affected the way movies and TV shows are told today, from Marvel Studios’ INFINITY SAGA to Matt Reeves’s THE BATMAN. Today, all comic-book adaptations are analyzed with Nolan’s trilogy in mind.

In WHY DO WE FALL?, David Hernando examines the TRILOGY as well as Nolan’s other landmark films from a holistic approach — focusing on dialogism, intertextuality, and fidelity — to highlight the importance of these movies within the director’s filmography and the history of Batman adaptations.

To be 1 of the 4 lucky winners, here’s what you have to do…

1) Listen to Ep. 71 of the Batman On Film Social Hour Podcast and answer the following question: What audio clip from BATMAN RETURNS is played right before the discussion of the film begins? Make sure to quote it word for word! (It’s very short, FYI.)

2) Email the quote along with your NAME/CONTACT INFO (i.e. your shipping address) to JETT@BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM.  and title your email entry “Why Do We Fall?”

4 winners will be picked at random out of all entries.  Multiple entries will be discarded.   ONLY THE WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED.  The contest ends on THURSDAY JUNE 30, 2022!  Open to those with U.S./Canada/Mexico shipping addresses only.