UPDATE (8/8/22): According to a blurb in a new DEADLINE article, THE BATMAN TV series spinoff THE PENGUIN ” is looking at a February production start.”  This jibes with what its star Colin Farrell said about the project a couple of weeks ago (see the original report below).

I can also report that I’ve been told that THE PENGUIN was “safe” and would air on HBO if and when HBO Max no longer exists (HBOM is merging with Discover+ in 2023).  I figure that THE PENGUIN would fit right nicely at the home of THE SOPRANOS and BOARDWALK EMPIRE.

CLICK HERE and head on over to DEADLINE for the full article. – Jett

As you all know, Colin Farrell played Oz “The Penguin” Cobblepott (Did they ever actually credit the character with that last name?) in THE BATMAN and he’s set to reprise the role on an upcoming HBO Max series.  Here’s a clip of him giving an update on the project…

Based on what CF says here, THE PENGUIN will commence shooting in February of 2023, might consist of 6 to 8 episodes, and is “F’n TASTY!”

Stay tuned to BOF for our coverage of THE PENGUIN and all of THE BATMAN UNIVERSE. – Bill “Jett’ Ramey