RUMOR – Matt Reeves’ Solo Batman Film Won’t Go Into Production ’til 2019


File this under “No Sh*t!”

According to HEROIC HOLLYWOOD, Matt Reeves’ standalone/solo Batman film will not begin production until 2019.

That likely means that scripting stage will continue through 2018, and the thing will move on to the next stage at some point next year.

If true, that means that this film won’t hit theaters until 2020 at the earliest — which is a good thingHeck, if it were up to me, I’d have it released in 2021 or 2022.  Why?  Because Batman on film needs a bit of a break.  We need to miss Batman on film again.

As far as what I’ve heard about this film, basically nothing.  I’ve heard whispers about what specific comics Reeves is looking at for inspiration, but I’ll keep that on the down and low for the time being.  I do hope that Reeves stays on board because if he were to leave, it would be, well, very not good for both Batman and DC on film.

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