CATWOMAN #47 Review


SYNOPSIS: Things start to heat up between Valmont and Catwoman when the handsome devil in white shows Catwoman a grand gesture that proves to her the lengths he will go to for her attention. A crow in white and a bat in black-if only there was a moral gray zone for this one cat.

Did anyone expect Catwoman’s vacation to be fun in the sun?

With Tini Howard’s pen, it’s just the opposite.

After a fun, flirty scene in an airplane, Selena and Valmont arrive in Switzerland, where Valmont has taken her so they can ascertain where they stand with Declan Sullivan and his wife, Abigail. Turns out that, unlike Finbar Sullivan, Abigail isn’t too fond of Catwoman or how things are going in Gotham.

Selena observes the Sullivans meeting with the family’s financier, Eskander Tadesse. The Sullivans don’t like what they hear and mark Tadesse for death, leading to a snow escape when Catwoman and Valmont come to get information and it winds up becoming a rescue. The scene plays quickly, with Caitlin Yarsky’s art becoming a little cartoonish at times, but still entertaining to look at.

Cutting back and forth to Dario cat-sitting for Selena in Gotham adds to a great sense of pace and heightens tension back home when he gets taken hostage by his former lover, Noah. Things don’t look good for him in regard to the cavalry being on the other side of the planet, creating a feeling that Selena’s world is starting to get pressured on all sides. Add in a heist in Vienna not going exactly as planned and Catwoman has her hands full.

The last issue was a bittersweet look back, this outing has Howard pushing the narrative forward with an international flair, making it feel equal parts spy thriller and gangland drama. Selena once again straddles the line between hero and thief and I enjoy Howard’s characterization of her. Selena seems to be enjoying herself, at least until some righteous outrage sets in, and her ability to improvise is as stellar as it should be. I also got a kick out of her eyewear. Pretty nifty how her glasses also double as a lethal weapon!

Catwoman #47 is an entertaining read, but keeping track of the menagerie of mobsters may weigh it down for some. The art and colors are playful and add a bit of a lighthearted tone to the action and drama. Howard has me on the hook as to how Selena will get Dario out of this! I definitely want to see what Catwoman gets up to in Italy next month! Javier E. Trujillo


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Javier Trujillo
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